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The American Civil War Society (ACWS) is dedicated to the historical period known as "The War Between the States". This war has remained the bloodiest conflict in American's history pitting brethren against brethren. The war is probably the most complex and socially controversial event in our country's history. The very issue of the meaning of the Declaration of Independence was clear and precise in 1776, but when the Southern states exercised their rights as described in that declaration, the United States government said, "The Union must and shall be preserved!" Each person had to declare for themselves what best fit their ideology. There was no foreign powers attacking our country, thus causing a single united front of concern. The issue was clearly State Rights and what was the meaning of our forefathers' Declaration of Independence to hold for future generations if secession was not allowed.

ACWS is re-enactors portraying these vulnerable pages in our country's history. We continue to educate the public through as many diversified perspectives as were the issues back in 1861 - 1865. We, the re-enactors, have researched and developed period correct uniforms, weapons, civilian attire, and living history encampments to portray some of the conditions back in that period of our countries archives.

The ACWS is active throughout San Bernardino, Orange, Los Angeles, and San Diego Counties. Our historical presentations are recognized by several County Regional Park Departments and our Living History Insurance liability exceeds the Counties requirements. In addition to the re-enactments that are done on specified weekends, the Society has provided programs for private organizations, schools, parades, ceremonial presentations, and commemorative celebrations as an educational tool to better share living history with the general public.