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Pacific Area Civil War Reenactor Safety Rules


ACWS subscribes to and supports the Civil War Reenactors in the Greater Pacific Area. To this means, we require that all participants at ACWS events be aware of and tested in the safety rules and regualtions as they pertain to a unit's field of expertise.

Those rules and tests may be found by clicking on the appropriate links below:

General Safety Rules
General Safety Test
Infantry Safety Test
Equine Ground Safety Test
Equine Mounted Safety Test
Artillery Safety Test

For more information, or to submit your unit's test, please contact the folowing:

For Confederate Units: James R. Tebbits at latigerreb@yahoo.com
For Union Units: Ken Dacey at kenbus@aol.com

For all visitors, there is the liability release found here - Visitors General Release And Agreement Not To Sue Form